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Luv Kennels... has produced outstanding pets and companions for over threedecades. Located in the heart of Missouri's beautiful Ozark Mountains, we're centrally located and can deliver your pet quickly, providing a smooth transfer from our kennel to your home. For years, we've been delivering dogs across th enation on a weekly basis. Ask about our shipping plans, we'll be more than happy to supply any and all details you'd be interested in, as well as larger images of the pet you've chosen.

We believe in... providing the highest quality pets at a price anyone can afford. Our puppies are descended from genetic stock that's been hand picked for the qualities we've come to love and admire. We also set great store by working with you to accomodate your particular needs as a pet owner and feel that we can help you choose the pet that's right for you, that is, if you haven't got your heart set on a particular breed.

Once you see... these gorgeous puppies, we think you'll many of the same emotions that all of our customers do...these are simply stunning! A Luv Kennels pup is a pup that's hard to any price! Take the time to browse through the photogallery on the Special Puppies page, we think you'll really enjoy the experience!

Our Customers say... so many good things about us, we're almost embarassed to pass them on. Read some of the feedback we've received on our Customer Testimonials page.

Give us a call..., we'd love to hear from you! You can contact us at 573-493-2548, or E-mail us at the Contact Us page

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